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 Clan Rules

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Clan Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules    Clan Rules  EmptyFri Mar 08, 2013 11:57 am


Here at [LAGG] clan we follow a strict code of conduct to keep the clan running smoothly

-We are a Pc based clan only

-Most basic of all is respect the clan and other players. Do not do what you don't want to be done to yourself.

-Please be honest. Therefore, hacking, scamming, botting, glitching, use of third party programs are illegal and will not be condoned.

-Please and thank you's wouldn't go a miss. Manners cost nothing.

-Asking to be promoted to staff positions is a no go, anyone doing this will be ignored. We will promote those who we see fit.

-Harrassment of clan mates will not be tolerated (e.g. jokes in bad taste)

-Leaving the clan without a word to anyone means that he/she has abandoned the clan. If they want to return they will be treated like any other applicant. Those who left the clan for personal reasons but with the desire to return may be considered.

-Trash talking is allowed to some extent... Nothing that may offend others.

-All members must be aged 14 or over, if any members are seen to be immature they will be removed from the clan.

-Multi-clanning is not tolerated, you will need to either be apart of this clan or another.

-SPAMMING is not allowed, this will result in a warning.


-If any rules are broken a the warning system is in place where 3 warnings then a ban from the clan


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Clan Rules
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